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About Elisabeth

co-active coaching • training • mentoring

Transform the leadership style in your company by adopting a coaching approach.

The Coach who made the right decision

I see every person as an adventure, a potential relationship to be created from a zero-base. To me, individuals are naturally creative, resourceful and whole in their uniqueness. Sometimes, they just need a sounding board to better reflect with an appreciative approach on where they are.

This fascinating wonder took me from my technical engineering background to becoming a certified coach in 2006. Since then, I have been coaching people so that they can reach their goals and dreams while learning in the process who they are as a person and as a leader, and how they want to contribute. As a Master Certified Coach (MCC) from ICF (the International Coaching Federation), a qualified Mentor from Mentor International and a faculty member from ICT (the Co-active Training Institute), I stand for experience, commitment and quality in my practice of training and individual coaching.

In each of my collaborations, I strive to offer solutions that exceed the expectations of the companies I serve in order to ensure that my presence is relevant and transformative for the leaders, managers and engineers who place their trust in me.

When I am not coaching, mentoring or training, you’ll find me sailing, cooking or walking in nature in and around Malmö, Sweden, that I have called my home for nearly 40 years or in my summer house north of Gothenburg where I enjoy a swim in the fjords.

My credentials as a coach:

I became a CPCC certified co-active professional coach in 2006 with CTI (Co-active Training Institute

I became a MCC coach in 2020 (Master Certified Coach), the highest level of accreditation offered by the ICF (International Coaching Federation), which means that I am a highly trained (200+ hours) and experienced (2,500+ paid hours) coach.

There are 500 coaches in Sweden, my home country, 21 of which are MCCs. There are 30 000 coaches in 137 countries of the world, 1 425 of which are MCCs.

I graduated from CTI (Co-active Training Institute) Leadership Program in 2010.

My credentials as a mentor:

2013, Mentor International

I have mentored over 30 coaches.

My credentials as a trainer:

I became a faculty member for CTI (Co-active Training Institute) in 2013. I facilitate international coaching courses all over the world as well as leading training programs for coaches qualifying for professional certification.

I am certified to use the following tools:

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