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Mentoring & Coaching

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Transform the leadership style in your company by adopting a coaching approach.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring provides personal development and is a powerful tool that efficiently helps people to develop their careers and their leadership.

When is a mentor needed?
Mentoring allows clients to see their potential and realise their goals. It is a developing partnership. Mentor and mentee often have shared experience within an area or an industry, with the mentor contributing specialised knowledge.

A mentor is an interlocutor that can help the mentee to find the right direction and develop solutions to old or new problems. Mentors’ experience and skill allow them assess where mentees are in their profession, giving them the ability to see opportunities and make progress..

They help mentees to believe in themselves by increasing their confidence and self-awareness. In an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect a mentor asks questions and challenges, guides and encourages. The mentor gives mentees the opportunity to explore new ideas in confidence and to examine challenges, opportunities and what they want in their professional life. Mentoring is about the mentee becoming more self -aware, taking more responsibility for their professional development and steering in a direction of clear choice.

How does it work?
One-on-one Mentoring. We will have an introductory session of 30 mins for free / contract signature / 6 individual 90-mins sessions / evaluation after the mentoring is finished. Each call ends with assignment of development tasks, and the results are monitored. This continues for a minimum of six months, and additionally when required.

How will we meet?

On site & remote / virtual, in-person and hybrid sessions.

What is the investment?

EUR 3000 excl. VAT. Option: Facet-5 profile EUR 500.

What is Coaching?

You have probably heard of the concept of a coach, especially from the sports world. More and more businesses and individuals make use of coaching.

When is a coach needed?
A coach is needed when the client is stuck in a thought process or having difficulties making decisions. Maybe faceing challenges in deciding what actually is wanted or how to proceed.

A coach is a specialist in coaching, not on the client's life. It is the client who has the knowledge of his/her life. The coach is an expert at raising awareness of the wisdom within the client, so that the client can make their own decisions that are best for them.

The coach asks questions to stimulate awareness so the client begins to prioritize and sort their thoughts.

How does it work?
One-on-one/Individual leadership and executive coaching. We will have an introductory session of 30mins for free / 3-part with the payer of 45mins / contract signature / 6 individual 45-mins sessions (or 60-mins sessions if required by the company) with 1 shadow coaching session half-way through / evaluation + proposition of tri-part discussion after the coaching is finished. At the end of every session you will get requests or inquiries that will help you discover more about yourself; and we follow up on the results

How will we meet?

On site & remote / virtual, in-person and hybrid sessions.

What is the investment?

EUR 2000 excl. VAT. Option: Facet-5 profile EUR 500

Can everyone call themselves coaches?
There are no formal qualifications for calling yourself a coach and there are many different training programs for coaches. Choose a coach who is certified by the International Coach Federation ICF (International Coach Federation). That organisation ensures that training is maintained at a high level and follows ethical guidelines.